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Trademark has produced some very nice offspring, and is expecially throwing nice type in heads. Although his kids tend to start out smaller, they catch up by the time they are five or six months old. We have found that crossing him to our Faro daughters produces beautifully refined offspring. Two of his daughters made the cut at the 1997 National Show, placing in the top twenty, out of seventy-six entries. We shall be freshening two of his daughters this spring, an eagerly awaited event.

Semen from Trademark is available through Magnum Semen Works.

Klondike is a good dairy type buck, with an extremely nice topline, and very correct feet and great angulation, especially to the rear legs.
We have used Klondike on a number of our young doelings, as well as some of our GCH's. His dam, Bonjour, has an excellent udder, and dairy character. Along with the strong general appearance and udders on his sire's side, Klondike should become a great asset to our breeding program. We anxiously await his first offspring the beginning of March 1998.

Semen from Klondike is available at the farm only, this year.

Trouble Shooter has been an enormous influence on our herd. Most of our Sr. GCH's are his duaghters and many of our other does are grand-dughters. We would like to bring some more of his blood into the herd through our American lines.
We have repeated the A-I breeding to Fierra again this year, as we were very pleased with the kids she produced to him this past spring. Both the buck and the doe kid were pre-ordered....So we thought we'd try again.

Semen from Shooter is available at the farm or through Magnum Semen Works.

Rene shows a lot of depth of pedigree, listing sisters that placed very well at National Shows, and a sister that was a Spotlight Doe. His daughter's milk records show real quality in the milk pail, too. His sire's name appears in the pedigree of some of the best known animals in the Alpine herd books. We are looking forward to having some exceptional offspring from this outstanding buck to add to our own herd. He has been A-I bred to our Ranchhand daughter, and ought to prove to be a real asset to our breeding program.
Joan & Harold Stump
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