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We maintain a small but elite herd of both French and American Alpines. We have, for the past several years, been using our own line-bred bucks and carefully seleced out-crosses that we feel will strenghten our animals. Our herd has been maturing and developing good sound traits that are being passed on through the generations. it gives us great satisfaction to see these improvements, in both type and production, as well as being able to offer it to others.

Although our herd may be small by some standards, our goals are not. Our aim is to produce individuals with both uniform and structural correctness and consistent, proficient production. Our smaller size allows us the opportunity to evaluate animals on a regular individual basis. We find that use of Linear Appraisal and DHIR testing is a great aid in "keeping our eyes on the prize". We have watched our rolling herd average climb from 1750 lbs. in 1989 to 2721 lbs. for 1994. In 1996 we placed 4th for milk and protein, and 6th for fat amongst herds on PA DHIR, in sprite of poor hay and weather comditions. We were also pleased to be able to drop our SCC 1.9% (and falling).

We are equally proud of what our girls have been doing in the show ring. Although we sold several of Trouble Shooter's GCH daughters, we have retained the genetics in their offspring. These daughters and sons are showing very well, with several judges remarking on style, correctness and consistency. We didn't get to any of the club shows this year, due to a red tape snapfu, but did extremely well at the fairs that we attended.....finishing one GCH, and adding two more BDIS to Vicki's record.

The year's breeding program includes several Sires that should prove interesting. One is our STUMP*HOLLOW N&B KLONDIKE, a Natl. CH Missdee's Nadiya grandson. We have also come by some hard to find semen, and have AI'd our Ranch Hand daughter with it. We are looking for a doe kid from this breeding, and all buck kids will be made available for sale.

Our kids are delivered onto clean newspaper, in our exclusive maternity pen. All births are attended and kids are removed immediately. We use only heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. A vitamin and mineral supplement is added in conjunction with this to assure proper nutrition and developement. Kids are bottle fed for the first several days and then, when strong enough, placed on a "suck-it bucket" for continuous help them-self feedings. We have been using a cold milk program with great success for several years. The kids are actually growthier and healthier than when we pampered them with warm bottles.

We are strong believers in an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. With this in mind, all dams are given pre-natal innoculations for Clostridium, Tetanus and Rabies to build maximum numbers of antibodies in their milk. Medications are given to kids only if we feel their condition warrants it. We feel that a strong healthy kid is a disease resistant kid, and so work toward building them up, rather than dosing them up.

If there are any questions we can answer for you, please feel free to contact us by mail, computer, or phone. You can reach us by phone after 8PM our time (EST).

We are always happy to hear from you.

Joan & Harold Stump
750 Allentown Road
Telford, PA 18969-2206
(215) 723-5415

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