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I have a manx-mix, named Tagg. 3/4 manx and 1/4 siamese. She is all grey and has a stumpy tail. (3 fused verts) She is now 14 yrs old, the "Senior Puss" and one of the two computer cats.

Number two is now Skeeter, a junk yard rescue cat. He is cream color with no stripes and could pass for a registered shorthair. He is now ten.

Shadow is also ten. she is a dilute calico shorthair and a real sweetie tho moderately retarded due to a head injury before I got her. (the people were going to kill her) She is a good old lady's cat...just eats and sleeps...too dumb to think of anything else. Harold always says she is one sandwich shy of a picnic........ tee hee.

Then there is Ivy, a bright calico shorthair. Someone dumped her here about six-seven years ago as a tiny kitten. I had to catch her in a humane trap. She was so frightened and kept running back and forth across the road, we were afraid she would get hit.

Next came Lovey...a drop-off again. She is a tortie-point tabby shorthair, about the same age as Ivey. She just showed up at the barn one cold wet November night, with all her nails broken off. A sure sign that she had been tossed onto a hard surface, like a driveway.

Last is my Pepe, or Pooh as he is affectionately called. Pooh is at least 1/4 Siamese...not in color...but the build and the shape of the head and distinctive vocalizations. He is black with white whiskers and a white stripe down his belly. He is 2 1/2 yrs. He came to us in the middle of the night in May, with bruises all over one side of his face and the skin stripped off all four paws with all his claws broken off. He was maybe six weeks old then and such a dear sweet thing. This is the smartest cat I have ever seen....... he can spell..... is learning tricks...... I love him more than I have ever loved a cat. He sleeps in the bed with me at night under the covers, right up against me. He is also a sucker..... these are behaviors caused by being taken from his mom at too early an age. Siamese all seem to be slightly neurotic to begin with.

Oh...... I almost forgot....... there is also Ole Yeller.. He is a stray tomcat, that has decided to come live with us. He has been very afraid but does not have that wild feral look in his eyes. He is of indeterminate age, has a crimpled ear from a fight and is a marmalade tabby with a stripe pattern that breeders would kill for. Poor thing.... he has been quiteunder the weather lately and spends most of the day curled up in a box in the garage and he has begun to let us pet him. I am convinced this old boy has a brain and I hope he stays....... he is a great hunter....

Pictures of the cats....HERE

Joan Stump

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